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Tiwi Plants and Animals

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Tiwi Plants and Animals: Aboriginal flora and fauna knowledge from Bathurst and Melville Islands, northern Australia 

Authors: Justin Puruntatameri, R. Puruntatameri, Anita Pangiraminni, Lydia Burack, Cornelia Tipuamantymirri, Mercy Tipakalippa, Jovita Puruntatameri, Pauline Puruntatameri, John Baptiste Pupangamirri, Ruth Kerinaiua, Doreen Tipiloura, Mary-Margaret Orsto, B. Kantilla, Maralampuwi Kurrupuwu, P.F. Puruntatameri, Tommy Daniel Puruntatameri, Leon Puruntatameri, Kitty Kantilla, John Wilson, Jack Cusack, Donna Jackson and Glenn Wightman.

Pages: 192

Size: 217 mm x155 mm

Publisher: Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory (2001)

Summary: Tiwi Plants and Animals documents scientific names, common English names and the Tiwi names and uses of 216 plants and 171 animals of the Tiwi Islands. It was prepared by Tiwi elders as a legacy for future generations and in memory of previous generations. This book provides an insight into one of Australia's most vibrant Aboriginal cultures.

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