Welcome to the Tiwi Resources website

Tiwi Resources Pty Ltd was established in 1991 to assist Tiwi to gain economic opportunities for the Tiwi People from the use of their land.  This includes income generated from such activities as mining, carbon, fishing and forestry.  All proceeds are distributed as per the Tiwi Resources Trust, for the purposes of relieving poverty, advancing education, advancing religion and other cultural and ceremonial activities.

Tiwi Resources Pty Ltd is owned by the 8 Tiwi Land Owning Groups:  Malawu, Mantiyupwi, Munupi, Marrikawuyanga, Tikalaru, Wurankuwu, Wulirankuwu and Yimpinari.  Tiwi Resources works closely with the Tiwi Land Council to ensure the most is made of opportunities as they arise.